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Terry Denton


The visit by Terry Denton, illustrator of the “The storey Treehouse series,  to Central was a great success. It was no trouble for him to sign our 6 Treehouse books that have been purchased recently for the library.

He said working with the author Andy Griffith was a great experience and has had a good working relationship with him for over 8 years.

The students and staff of Central were amazed at the drawings that this man could do. He showed us how he gets his inspiration from start to  finish and how he has to go from one step to another to get the final product. It may start out as a rain drop, but by the time he adds an angry, sad or happy face, or a tail, teeth and hair. The pictures really come to life when he adds water colours to it.           


The Tree House series pictures started out as a few lines, then he added some rectangles on the page. He placed his ideas in these boxes and then it flowed from there.

He drew a picture of Mrs S. He started with a round circle, then added wavy lines for her hair, proceeded to add glasses, eyes etc. Then he used water colours to fill in the features. The final result was just fantastic as you can see in the photo.

Some students had their own books of drawings. Terry signed these for them. We thoroughly  enjoyed his witty explanation of how he draws and he hopes the students got some inspiration to keep drawing.